Ninoos Martial Arts is by far the best place for you to send your child, and yourself. I have been kickboxing 4-5 days a week for 4 years with Sensei Ninoos and just this year started Tae Kwon Do. Ninoos is full of knowledge, humor and kindness. He is there to help you be your best self. He has a way with working with the kids to increase their self-esteem, while teaching them discipline and respect. He uses his knowledge to communicate with you and your everyday life. I have taken his boxing classes at night as well, and have seen him work tirelessly coaching up and coming boxers. Ninoos is nonstop. If the group classes are not at a time that works for you, ask him about 1 on 1. Want to sweat….take a class with Ninoos.

Alycia - September 20th 2017 

"On April 7th 2016 My husband and I started our oldest child at Ninoos Martial Arts studio located at 75 East Main St Torrington Ct. We wanted our child to learn self-defense and gain confidence in himself due to the fact that he was getting bullied in school. Since then our son has grown and learned so much under the instruction of Sensei Ninoos Yousefzadeh who is a 7th degree black belt himself. Sensei Ninoos has taught our child, along with many other children at the studio, respect, courage, determination, perseverance, loyalty, courtesy, leadership, self-discipline, confidence, team work, patience, focus, fitness, self-defense, grappling, karate, kick boxing, boxing, hap ki do, tae kwon do, weapons, and the importance, knowledge, understanding and passion of Martial Arts. Our son has also won numerous throphies while on tournaments that he is also so very proud of. Not only is Sensei Ninoos very knowledgeable in Martial Arts but his love, patience, understanding and passion for the children is incredible. He keeps a great line of communication with the parents and also asks to see the childrens report cards every marking period to ensure that they are also doing well in school because he is concerned about their education as well and wants the children to be as successful as possible. He is an amazing role model and the children love and respect him dearly. On April 3rd 2017 My husband and I enrolled our second oldest child as well and since then he has also worked hard, learned and grown so very much. The kids attend the studio five days a week for two hours each day at an affordable price. The school bus drops them off at the studio right after school where Sensei Ninoos is at the sidewalk awaiting the childrens arrival and guiding them inside the studio where the kids have a chance to practice their social skills and gain friends, they can also exercize and prepare for class which begins at 4:00pm promptly until 6:00pm. This is a great skill for your children to possess and a great opportunity for them to gain the knowledge from this life changing experience that will stay with them for a life time. Thank you Sensei Ninoos for all the love shown and patience in teaching our children. It is a great feeling to see our children learn and grow in such a positive way."


"Ninoos Martial Arts Studio has changed our son's life: He came to Ninoos a shy young boy, and is now a fit, confident, pre-teen blue belt, focused on obtaining his black belt. Ninoos has a highly developed skill of being able to pull the individual best from every type of student. Ninoos, and his son Nick, have certainly been wonderful role models for our son. From Ninoos' accommodating schedule, to his more-than-reasonable prices, to his dojo, to his Summer Camp, to his welcoming atmosphere and staff, to his love for children and Martial Arts, Ninoos Martial Arts Studio is more than recommendable."

Joyce and Dean C .


"My kids like to come to Ninoos Martial Arts Studio, they enjoy and like the classes and the way Ninoos teach them. They came really happy to classes, they said that the class time pass really fast. And get out happy to teach their dad what they learn everyday." 



"You feel like your around your family when you come here. My son is also learning important life skills and lessons when he comes to class. It's an atmosphere where children thrive. Ninoos is wonderful with the children. It has been a great experience."



"My kids have been coming for two years and they really love Sensei Ninoos, Sensei Nick and Sensei Jillian. For me is a family experience, the kids take their class and then I workout with the kickboxing class, is definetly a family environment"



"I think they provides excellent dicipline to little boys and it allows them to express themselves and burn all that energy they need to. It gives them responsability."




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