Sensie Jillian

Sensei Jillian has been doing Martial Arts since she was three years old. She has achieved many goals through out her exsperience in Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do.


One goal she has accomplished is getting he black belt at the age of thirteen. She also achieved getting her first degree black belt in 2010.


She enjoys every minute of martial arts she says " martial arts has done a lot for me and gave me self confidence and respect for myself."


Her specialty is Bo and also studies Kamas and Sai. She enjoys learning Hap-Ki-Do for seld defence and shows her how to protect herself. She also enjoys Tae Kwon Do because it helps her with her competion and forms and kicks.She has been doing competitions since she was fours years old and still competes in the martial arts tournaments circuits.


Jillian is very dedicated to her martial arts she is always here to help. She is a hard worker and a great role model for the students at Ninoos Martial Arts Studio.


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